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John Beals

  As a young adult, I began noticing how a person’s smile seemed to affect their sense of well-being.  It was clear that people with a healthy smile had a certain confidence about them.  That reality is what led me to a career working on teeth. That, and a wise mentor who saw the potential in me, and advised me to pursue the Dental Technician program at Portland Community College.  And now, with 42 years of experience under my belt, I pride myself on using the latest materials and techniques to ensure doctor and patient satisfaction.  Transpa Dental Studio is a  dental laboratory  focused on strong partnerships with our dentists  and a superior client experience.  Knowledge, skill and clear communication(chair side as needed) to support your office. Your patient will be confident that their smile is not only natural looking, but will stand the test of time.  



 John Beals is a 1978 Portland Community College graduate of the Dental Technician program.  John’s career included employment with Ralph Dafoe, DMD for 2-years. During this time he began his studies of occlusion and gnathological principles.  John spent 7 years Gordon F. Stone, working in his laboratory and further studying occlusion principles.  He applied these principles to the full mouth rehabilitations fabricated on a monthly basis. During John’s tenure with Mr. Stone, he was approached by Peter Stuabli. These experiences furthered John’s expertise in the fabrication of precision removable prosthesis.  John launched Delta Dental Laboratory in 1991, and for the next 24 years he fabricated Tucker Gold Restorations for full-mouth reconstructions and precision removable partials. This information was often presented during study clubs held at Delta Dental.  John continues to expand his knowledge and skills, as he begins his 42nd year as a Dental Technician. 

Curriculum Vitae


COSMETIC – Executing to surpass patient expectations.

DIAGNOSTIC PLANNING – Detailed planning ensures predictable results.

IMPLANTS – Providing solutions with predictable results for bonded porcelain veneers and implant supported crowns.

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